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  Field Listing - Refugees and internally displaced persons

Refugees and internally displaced persons
Afghanistan IDPs: 167,000 - 200,000 (mostly Pashtuns and Kuchis displaced in south and west due to drought and instability) (2004)
Algeria refugees (country of origin): 165,000 (Western Saharan Sahrawi, mostly living in Algerian-sponsored camps in the southeastern Algerian town of Tindouf)
IDPs: 100,000 - 200,000 (conflict between government forces, Islamic insurgents) (2004)
Angola IDPs: 40,000-60,000 (27-year civil war ending in 2002; 4 million IDPs already have returned) (2004)
Armenia refugees (country of origin): 236,306 (Azerbaijan)
IDPs: 50,000 (conflict with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh) (2004)
Azerbaijan IDPs: 571,000 (conflict with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh) (2004)
Bangladesh IDPs: 61,000 (land conflicts, religious persecution) (2004)
Bosnia and Herzegovina IDPs: 327,200 (Bosnian Croats, Serbs, and Muslims displaced in 1992-95 war) (2004)
Burma IDPs: 600,000 - 1,000,000 (government offensives against ethnic insurgent groups near borders; most IDPs are ethnic Karen, Karenni, Shan, and Mon) (2004)
Burundi refugees (country of origin): 60,288 (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
IDPs: 140,000 (armed conflict between government and rebels; most IDPs in northern and western Burundi) (2004)
Cameroon refugees (country of origin): 39,261 (Chad) 16,983 (Nigeria) 9,634 (Cote d'Ivoire) (2004)
Central African Republic refugees (country of origin): 36,479 (Sudan) 1,864 (Chad) 6,484 (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
IDPs: 200,000 (unrest following coup in 2003) (2004)
Chad refugees (country of origin): 200,000 (Sudan) 30,000 (Central African Republic) (2004)
China refugees (country of origin): 299,287 (Vietnam) estimated 30,000-50,000 (North Korea) (2004)
Colombia IDPs: 2,730,000 - 3,100,000 (conflict between government and FARC; drug wars) (2004)
Congo, Democratic Republic of the refugees (country of origin): 45,060 (Sudan) 100,000 (Angola) 19,552 (Burundi) 6,626 (Republic of Congo) 19,743 (Rwanda) 18,953 (Uganda)
IDPs: 2.33 million (fighting between government forces and rebels since mid-1990s; most IDPs are in eastern provinces) (2004)
Congo, Republic of the IDPs: 60,000 (multiple civil wars since 1992; most IDPs are ethnic Lari) (2004)
Cote d'Ivoire refugees (country of origin): 71,711 (Liberia)
IDPs: 500,000 (2002 coup; most IDPs are in western regions) (2004)
Croatia IDPs: 12,600 (Croats and Serbs displaced in 1992-1995 war) (2004)
Cyprus IDPs: 265,000 (both Turkish and Greek Cypriots; many displaced for over 30 years) (2004)
Djibouti refugees (country of origin): 25,474 (Somalia) (2004)
Egypt refugees (country of origin): 70,215 (Palestinian Territories) (2004)
Eritrea IDPs: 59,000 (border war with Ethiopia from 1998-2000; most IDPs are near the central border region) (2004)
Ethiopia refugees (country of origin): 93,032 (Sudan) 23,578 (Somalia)
IDPs: 132,000 (border war with Eritrea from 1998-2000 and ethnic clashes in Gambela; most IDPs are in Tigray and Gambela Provinces) (2004)
Gaza Strip refugees (country of origin): 922,674 (Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA)) (2004)
Georgia IDPs: 260,000 (displaced from Abkhazia and South Ossetia) (2004)
Ghana refugees (country of origin): 42,466 (Liberia) (2004)
Guatemala IDPs: 250,000 (government's scorched-earth offensive in 1980s against indigenous people) (2004)
Guinea refugees (country of origin): 133,175 (Liberia) 13,633 (Sierra Leone) 7,064 (Cote d'Ivoire)
IDPs: 100,000 (cross-border incursions from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote d'Ivoire) (2004)
India refugees (country of origin): 92,394 (Tibet/China) 60,922 (Sri Lanka)
IDPs: 650,000 (Jammu and Kashmir conflicts; most IDPs are Kashmiri Hindus); 113,000 (resulting from 26 December 2004 tsunami) (2004)
Indonesia IDPs: 535,000 (government offensives against rebels in Aceh; most IDPs in Aceh, Central Kalimantan, Maluku, and Central Sulawesi Provinces); 441,000 (resulting from 26 December 2004 tsunmai) (2004)
Iran refugees (country of origin): 1,223,823 (Afghanistan) 124,014 (Iraq) (2004)
Iraq refugees (country of origin): 150,000 (Palestinian Territories)
IDPs: 1,340,280 (ongoing US-led war and Kurds' subsequent return) (2004)
Israel IDPs: 276,000 (Arab villagers displaced from homes in northern Israel) (2004)
Jordan refugees (country of origin): 1,740,170 (Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA))
IDPs: 800,000 (1967 Arab-Israeli War) (2004)
Kenya refugees (country of origin): 154,272 (Somalia) 11,139 (Ethiopia) 63,197 (Sudan)
IDPs: 350,000 (KANU attacks on opposition tribal groups in 1990s) (2004)
Korea, North IDPs: 50,000-250,000 (government repression and famine) (2004)
Lebanon refugees (country of origin): 394,532 (Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA))
IDPs: 300,000 (1975-1990 civil war, Israeli invasions) (2004)
Liberia refugees (country of origin): 13,941 (Sierra Leone) 38,325 (Cote d'Ivoire)
IDPs: 500,000 (civil war from 1990-2004; IDP resettlement began in November 2004) (2004)
Macedonia IDPs: 2,678 (ethnic conflict in 2001; most IDPs have returned) (2004)
Maldives IDPs: 12,000 (26 December 2004 tsunami victims) (2005)
Mexico IDPs: 12,000 (government's quashing of Zapatista uprising in 1994 in eastern Chiapas Region) (2004)
Moldova IDPs: 1,000 (internal secessionist uprising in Transdniestrian region in 1991) (2004)
Nepal refugees (country of origin): 104,235 (Bhutan)
IDPs: 100,000-200,000 (ongoing conflict between government forces and Maoist rebels; displacement spread across the country) (2004)
Nigeria IDPs: 250,000 (communal violence between Christians and Muslims since President OBASANJO's election in 1999) (2004)
Pakistan refugees (country of origin): 1,064,230 (Afghanistan)
IDPs: undetermined (government strikes on Islamic militants in South Waziristan) (2004)
Peru IDPs: 60,000 (civil war from 1980-2000; most IDPs are indigenous peasants in Andean and Amazonian regions) (2004)
Philippines IDPs: 150,000 (fighting between government troops and MILF and Abu Sayyaf groups) (2004)
Russia IDPs: 368,000 (displacement from Chechnya and North Ossetia) (2004)
Rwanda refugees (country of origin): 37,691 (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
IDPs: 4,158 (incursions by Hutu rebels from Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1997-1999; most IDPs in northwest) (2004)
Saudi Arabia refugees (country of origin): 240,000 (Palestinian Territories) (2004)
Senegal IDPs: 17,000 (clashes between government troops and separatists in Casamance region) (2004)
Serbia and Montenegro refugees (country of origin): 99,170 (Bosnia) 188,656 (Croatia)
IDPs: 225,000 (mostly ethnic Serbs and Roma who fled Kosovo in 1999) (2004)
Sierra Leone refugees (country of origin): 67,000 (Liberia) (2004)
Somalia IDPs: 375,000 (civil war since 1988, clan-based competition for resources) (2004)
Sri Lanka IDPs: 362,000 (both Tamils and non-Tamils displaced due to Tamil conflict); 555,000 (resulting from 26 December 2004 tsunami) (2004)
Sudan refugees (country of origin): 108,251 (Eritrea) 5,023 (Chad) 7,983 (Uganda)
IDPs: 4.367 million (internal conflict since 1980s; ongoing genocide) (2004)
Syria refugees (country of origin): 413,827 (Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA))
IDPs: 170,000 (most displaced from Golan Heights during 1967 Arab-Israeli War) (2004)
Tanzania refugees (country of origin): 447,877 (Burundi) 153,155 (Democratic Republic of the Congo) 3,036 (Somalia) (2004)
Thailand refugees (country of origin): 118,407 (Burma) (2004)
Turkey IDPs: 350,000-1,000,000 (fighting from 1984-99 between Kurdish PKK and Turkish military; most IDPs in southeastern provinces) (2004)
Uganda refugees (country of origin): 184,731 (Sudan) 18,000 (Rwanda)
IDPs: 1.4 million note - ongoing Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebellion, mainly in the north; LRA frequently attacks IDP camps (2004)
Uzbekistan IDPs: 3,000 (forced population transfers by government from villages near Tajikistan border) (2004)
West Bank refugees (country of origin): 665,246 (Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA)) (2004)
World the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimated that in December 2003 there was a global population of 9.7 million refugees and as many as 25 million IDPs
Yemen refugees (country of origin): 60,901 (Somalia) (2004)
Zambia refugees (country of origin): 158,894 (Angola) 58,405 (Democratic Republic of the Congo) 5,767 (Rwanda) (2004)
Zimbabwe IDPs: 100,000-150,000 (MUGABE-led political violence, human rights violations, land reform, and economic collapse) (2004)

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